Partner Resources

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We are excited to share information with you about the HIPP program. This page serves as a resource hub for all HIPP partners, providers, employers and Medicaid Eligibility Technicians.

Participating Medicaid Providers

HIPP enables you to bill and receive contractual reimbursement from primary insurance, which is typically higher than the Medicaid rate.

Medicaid Eligibility Technicians

Help maximize state savings and taxpayers dollars by identifying Medicaid recipients who have access to insurance and referring them to the AK HIPP program.

Employers and Benefit Coordinators

To ensure affordable coverage, employers are encouraged to refer employees who become eligible for COBRA to the HIPP program. HIPP can also benefit existing employees who cannot afford employer-sponsored insurance or who are at risk of losing employer-sponsored insurance due to inability to pay. Covered employees and families are healthier, less likely to be absent and therefore are able to be more productive members of your workforce. Furthermore, employees who receive health benefits through their employer are more likely to remain at their job.

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